CoolSculpting in Southern California

A non-invasive & FDA-cleared treatment for permanent destruction of fat cells

Have you tried everything and — say it isn’t so — failed? If you have pockets of excess fat that refuse to go away, even with a strict diet and exercise regime, you have two choices. You could receive an invasive procedure that would require weeks of downtime and recovery, or you could undergo non-surgical body sculpting, also known as CoolSculpting in Orange County, at Andrew Smith MD FACS.

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The Body You’ve Always Wanted — No Liposuction Necessary

When your best efforts don’t seem enough, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Smith and our licensed MedSpa specialists can provide you with medical-grade aesthetic procedures in a relaxing environment. Among our most in-demand techniques is CoolSculpting. It offers you an effective fat reduction method that’s done in-office, quickly, and without liposuction.

To aid you ladies and gentlemen in better understanding how CoolSculpting works and why this groundbreaking treatment is right for you, allow us to break down our process.

What CoolSculpting Is and How It Can Help You

Say goodbye to unsightly bulges that just won’t budge! CoolSculpting® was invented by ZELTIQ Aesthetics for the purpose of non-surgically eliminating resistant and bothersome fat pockets on your body, achieving a slim and sculpted appearance. The revolutionary treatment works by delivering controlled cooling energy to stubborn fat cells underneath your skin, causing the cells to freeze. Your body’s natural cleansing processes then remove the frozen fat cells, resulting in safe, gradual fat reduction in targeted areas by about 20 to 25 percent.

Areas of Your Body CoolSculpting Can Treat

An exceptionally versatile procedure, CoolSculpting can remove unyielding fat on multiple areas of your body. We routinely deliver CoolSculpting in Irvine using this advanced technology to reduce unwanted fat on the:

  • Stomach or tummy
  • Love handles
  • Back
  • Bra line
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Upper arms

Our MedSpa specialists have also developed protocols for other body parts that most practices don’t address. These areas include your knees, calves, ankles, as well as a man’s chest.

How CoolSculpting Benefits You

A slimmer and beautifully toned body aside, the extraordinary benefits of CoolSculpting are:

  • No need for needles, anesthetics, or scalpels
  • No pain or minimal discomfort during treatment
  • No residual scarring
  • Untouched healthy cells
  • Zero CoolSculpting downtime
  • Permanent results, with proper diet and exercise
  • Allows you to regain the confidence you deserve

Your Procedure at Andrew Smith, MD, FACS

To determine if CoolSculpting is right for you, we recommend contacting us to request a FREE consultation. Once you arrive for your appointment, one of our practitioners will conduct a thorough examination and ask questions about your cosmetic goals. During your consultation, we also suggest asking as many questions as possible to make an informed decision regarding your procedure.

Once you are ready for CoolSculpting, you will sit or lie down in a comfortable position at any of our locations’ MedSpa. Then, we will position the CoolSculpting device over your body to freeze any stubborn fat cells. You can expect a cold sensation on your skin when the procedure starts, but the feeling will subside soon after. As the treatment continues for 60 minutes approximately, you can listen to music, take a nap, or even get some work done.

After CoolSculpting, your body will naturally begin metabolizing the frozen fat cells as part of the healing process. Within a three-week period, you will see a significant reduction in fat volume – unveiling a smooth and contoured appearance. Your final CoolSculpting results may not appear until three to six months after treatment.

Freeze Fat Twice as Fast with DualSculpting

We are proud to provide you with an even faster way to freeze away fat cells: DualSculpting. By using two CoolSculpting devices simultaneously, our specialists can target two symmetrical areas of stubborn fat on your body. All you have to do is lay back, relax, and let CoolSculpting melt away your pockets of excess fat. The best part is, your treatment time will be cut in half.

Our Approach to CoolSculpting in Orange County

When patients come to our Southern California MedSpa for CoolSculpting, your goals become ours and our approach is both proactive and involved. Not only will some of the most qualified practitioners in all of Orange County perform your procedure, but we will also complete it in a relaxing environment to give you safe and pain-free results.

Excellent patient care is our primary objective, and our staff here at Andrew Smith MD FACS believes that your peace of mind is an important factor in successful treatment. As a result, we have done everything to make our locations comfortable and stress-free zones.

Additionally, one of our leading priorities is patient education. Evident in this writing, we want you to know everything about CoolSculpting and how it can achieve your aesthetic desires. This enables you to make an informed decision about your treatment, which is invaluable to you as our patient.

Are You a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

You are an ideal candidate for this FDA-cleared and non-surgical fat reduction treatment in Orange County if:

  • You are generally healthy
  • You are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have exhausted yourself trying to lose stubborn fat pockets
  • You are 20 to 30 pounds away from your goal
  • You are not extremely overweight or obese
  • You have enough fat in your target area to treat
  • You are not interested in liposuction
  • You understand how CoolSculpting works

The best way to determine if CoolSculpting is for you, however, is through a consultation with our licensed MedSpa specialists at any of our locations.

Your CoolSculpting Consultation

Achieve the lean, sculpted body you’ve been wanting with the help of our highly skilled technicians. The first step toward your CoolSculpting treatment is a consultation with us. You will meet with one of our CoolSculpting clinicians, during which your medical history, aesthetic goals, and any questions you may have will be discussed. We will take the time to create a personalized CoolSculpting treatment plan just for you in order to meet your individual goals.

If you’re ready to begin your body transformation, give us a call at (949) 288-4574.